Make up mirror light. Max factor makeup products.

Make Up Mirror Light

make up mirror light

    make up
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make up mirror light - CIPA 36500

CIPA 36500 Wedge Base Auto Dimming Rearview Mirror with Compass, Temperature and Map Light

CIPA 36500 Wedge Base Auto Dimming Rearview Mirror with Compass, Temperature and Map Light

CIPA's Auto Dimming Rearview Mirror with Compass, Temperature, and Map Lights provides the perfect solution to annoying headlight glare at night. Sensors react to bright lights and dim the mirror glass for comfort and safety. It also offers a disable button for when dimming is unwanted. Additional features include a digital compass, temperature readout, and dual map lights. The compass features a bright LED display, and is self-calibrating. The temperature feature displays outside ambient temperature, and can be programmed to display in F or C. The map light feature provides that extra bit of light just where you need it. First time installations will require routing a power and sensor wire. Vehicles with an existing auto dimming mirror and a 7 pin connector can plug directly in. Otherwise, the wires can be tapped using the wire tap provided. Mirror is 10 in long by 2.5 in tall, and is a wedge base mounting mirror. This kit includes a mirror, 6.5 ft power wire harness, wire tap, 9 wire ties, temperature sensor, 14 ft temperature sensor wire, operation card, wedge button, and instructions. Mirror mounting epoxy not included. Hint: a camlock mount mirror is commonly found on imported vehicles and is removed by turning the mirror 90 degrees, then pulling down. A wedge mount mirror is commonly found on domestic vehicles and is removed by loosening a small screw and pushing the mirror up toward the roof. Camlock mount Auto Dimming Rearview Mirrors with the same features are also available (part number 36501). Made in the USA and FMVSS approved under section 571.111 of Standard No. 111. Note: We do not recommend installing these mirrors if your vehicle has airbag sensors in the headliner, if your vehicle is equipped with OnStar, or if your vehicle is a hybrid model. Installation of this mirror may disable or damage certain components which are critical to the safety features installed on your vehicle. Check with your vehicle manufacturer for more information.

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Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror

Jan 3. It was getting later and later and I had yet to think of a photo idea...I was sorting through clothes on my bedroom floor, when I unearthed my make up mirror (don't judge me) I figured the oval light pattern might make for a nifty here it is. Happy Day 2 to me (& 3 to the rest of you).

make up man

make up man

this is the best shot from my first ever role of 120 . i shot it on a yashica twin-lens medium format camera that i borrowed from college. i am very pleased with the result.

make up mirror light

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