Scar Cover Make Up : 50's Style Hair And Makeup.

Scar Cover Make Up

scar cover make up

    make up
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  • mark with a scar; "The skin disease scarred his face permanently"

  • scratch: an indication of damage

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  • a mark left (usually on the skin) by the healing of injured tissue

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Scar book - invented binding style

Scar book - invented binding style

This book was inspired by a boy in my class who had nasal cancer. During the course of the class he had surgery to remove a tumor and when he came back to class he had a very large pink scar on his neck. I was mesmerized by the scar and it made me think of all the other scars people I knew had. My dog bite, my cousins burned legs, the tribal scarification on another classmate's arm, etc.
I wanted to make a book that gave the reader that feeling of removing clothing to unveil a scar so I picked buttoned fabric to serve as the cover. I also wanted the pages to look and feel like actual scars on skin, so I found a material called Cleartex (which is used in Hollywood to make masks and skin effects) It cost $100 a gallon and that was the smallest quantity you could buy (plus $50 shipping because it was a very toxic chemical that had to ship a special way.) The finished result was great though. The pages were a bit too sticky once they set up, so I rolled them in corn starch which isn't visible, but gave the pages a silky skin-like feel. The pages were sewn together with string that resembled the kind of string you get when you get stitches. The book block was then sewn into the cover using a barely visible and simple stitch.
Technically this book is a miniature book because it is less than 3"x3". It is also the most expensive book I ever made.

Years after I made this book, I had it out to show a class of bookbinding students. The class was taught by the same teacher I had when I made the book. After I showed it to the class she told me that the boy who had inspired the book had actually died during the semester I had him in class. I had always wondered why he didn't show up the last two weeks. Luckily he had a chance to see this book before he died. He really had an impact on me.

Day 82: Scar 5: My Back

Day 82: Scar 5: My Back

Decided to revisit my scars. This is number 5 in this series, but it is one of the most recent (and THE most recent surgery related scar). It isn't the biggest, but it hurt and caused the most pain. Not just physical pain either.

If you have never had a herniated disc - let me just tell ya it SUuuuUUUUCKS. And I have had this problem for a while. All my lower disks are "degenerated" which means the fluid in them is no longer spongy. As this happens the likelihood of the disc herniating increases. The herniation isn't what's when it pushes against your spinal nerves that causes the serious pain.

I first had trouble with my back in early 2004. I received 3 steroid shots in the back (spaced a few weeks apart). That shrunk the disc(s) enough not to cause pain. But then when we moved to Carolina, I gained some weight (which put pressure on the back). Then we moved to our current house in June 2006 - and that aggravated it. So after a month or so of pain - I went to the doctor. I got two shots this time (and they were more directly placed ON the disc causing the pain). And they didn't diminish the pain at ALL. So...On October 16th 2006 (the day BEFORE my birthday) I had surgery on my back to repair two discs.

The REAL kicker is that I was in so much pain, for so long - and took SOOO much pain killer for so long...I ended up straining a lot of relationships. My home life suffered. I almost lost my job, and there was an incident that led to me losing one of my closest friends. So, this scar is tiny...but it caused so, SO much pain.

scar cover make up

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