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Theory Of A Dead Man Make Up Your Mind

theory of a dead man make up your mind

    dead man
  • Dead Man is a 1995 American Western film written and directed by Jim Jarmusch. It stars Johnny Depp, Gary Farmer, Billy Bob Thornton, Iggy Pop, Crispin Glover, John Hurt, Michael Wincott, Lance Henriksen, and Robert Mitchum (in his final role).

  • Dead Man is the debut studio album by Swedish psychedelic rock band Dead Man, released on January 25 on CD and February 25, 2006 on LP by Crusher Records.

  • An object buried in or secured to the ground for the purpose of providing anchorage or leverage

  • Dead Man is a psychedelic rock band from Orebro, Narke, Sweden formed in 2003. The band’s sound is highly influenced by 60’s and 70’s psychedelic rock/folk rock as well as other musical genres.

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  • constitution: the way in which someone or something is composed

  • constitute: form or compose; "This money is my only income"; "The stone wall was the backdrop for the performance"; "These constitute my entire belonging"; "The children made up the chorus"; "This sum represents my entire income for a year"; "These few men comprise his entire army"

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theory of a dead man make up your mind - Theory of

Theory of a Deadman

Theory of a Deadman

theory of a deadman -# audio cd (september 17, 2002)# number of discs: 1# label: roadrunner records# asin: b00006i62g# average customer review:--------1. invisible man2. nothing could come between us3. make up your mind 4. point to prove5. leg to stand on 6. what you deserve7. the last song8. say i'm sorry 9. any other way 10. confession

Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger had much to do with Theory of a Deadman's debut. He signed them and coproduced and cowrote 6 of the 10 tracks on the band's debut, so you'd expect the album to possess similar pop-metal sensibilities as his band's recordings. As it happens, TOAD (there's an unfortunate acronym) venture even closer to the pop mainstream. Frontman Tyler Connolly sings like Eddie Vedder and Scott Weiland, but there is no punk ethos, political conviction, or rage here. Connolly's troubles are all with girls, and his band--uninterested in pulverizing or surprising the audience--follows the famous Roxette dictum: "Don't bore us, get to the chorus." Indeed, they follow it so well that the album clocks in at 36 minutes. But, as a modern pop-rock band, they've come up with a well-produced set and Connolly delivers a string of melodies that will appeal to the mainstream millions. "Make Up Your Mind," "Nothing Could Come Between Us," and "Say I'm Sorry" are explosive, while "The Last Song," with its sweeping strings, is epic pop rock. --Dominic Wills

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Is the G-d of Scripture also the god of the Kaballah? IMG 0246

Is the G-d of Scripture also the god of the Kaballah?    IMG 0246

What are your views on Kaballah?


First let’s define Kabbalah - Kabbalah is a discipline and school of thought concerning the mystical aspect of Judaism. Once we bring the word “mystical or mysticism” into our walk with the L_rd, we begin to walk outside of scripture!

The two don’t mix!! G_d and Mysticism are not related. Kabbalah is man-made – it has nothing to do with the G_d of the Bible. What does scripture say about thoughts or actions such as this...

From Deut 18:10-13 – “Let no one be found among you who sacrifice his son or daughter in the fire, who practices divination or sorcery, interprets omens, engages in witchcraft, or casts spells, or who is a medium or spiritist or who consults the dead. Anyone who does these things is detestable to the L-rd, and because of these detestable practices the L-rd your G_d will drive out those nations before you. You must be blameless before the L-rd your G_d.”

People who practice Kabbalah have a tendency to say that Kabbalah brings us closer to G_d – to which I reply, “Nonsense!” Y’shua is the only one who can bring us closer to G_d and He is all we need as a means of coming into Abba’s presence!

RABBI CRAWFORD answers ...

Kabbalah is awesome to study! Way back a few centuries, it was unlawful to study science and math as it is kabbalah. Now we cannot get through high school without knowledge of these things.kabbalah is discourage by those who are ignorant of its teachings.

There are many facets of studying kabbalah, Groups that aren’t even Jewish studying kabbalah (another form of buffet religion), I would highly discourage studying with.

Authentic kabbalah is the only form that is correct. Hollywood and red strings are foolish forms of kabbalah, yet the original and authentic kabbalah are fascinating. Most churches these days teach a portion of kabbalah to some degree. For instance, it is common to hear that the number ‘7’ means perfection and ‘6’ falls short of perfection. This stems from kabbalah and yet the very teachers who will teach parts of it- will discourage it and say it is not of G-d. But I also realized this is a huge problem in general with most organized religions and denominations.

RABBI GUTMANN answers ...

My view is that Kabbalah should be avoided, being intermingled with Occult and what is euphamistically called "New Age" beliefs.

Any attempt to reconcile a "god" with the Only True and Living God, El Shaddai, HaShem is "out of bounds" to the committed follower of Yeshua! The so-called "Book of Zohar" relies on the Babylonian Zodiac for its so-called "wisdom" and "knowledge." I reccomend sticking to the Word of God for both "wisdom" and "knowledge!"

SANDRA JEFFERY answers ...

Kabala is a system of interpretation of the Scriptures based on the numerical rather than the alphabetical value of the letters of a word, developed in the Middle Ages by certain rabbis.

It is a mystical belief with secret doctrine. The God of Scripture is definitely not the god of Kabala, and the way to pick out any counterfeit doctrine is to hold it up to the light of the Word.

What many people don’t understand, Christians included, is that Christianity is a doctrine of maturity that is firmly fixed in reality and not mysticism. We don’t become Christian to have mystic experiences, or to follow specific steps to enlightenment.

We become Christian to come into relationship with the living God and His will and purpose for our lives. It is a doctrine of servant hood and righteousness that has a cost when we stand up in the face of injustice and help the downtrodden.

It requires the changing of ourselves for the better in understanding the cause and effect of all of our actions, and calls us to live in forgiveness in order to keep our hearts from becoming hard, and in order to be in right standing with God and mankind.

Anything that doesn’t match up with this and is secret or hidden, the God of the Bible speaks against. The definition of occult is ‘beyond the bounds of ordinary knowledge, mysterious, secret, hidden, mystic, not disclosed.’

Isaiah 48: 16 ‘Come ye near unto me, hear ye this; I have not spoken in secret from the beginning…’

Isaiah 45: 19 ‘I have spoken nothing in secret… I the Lord speak righteousness; I declare things that are right.’

Mark 4: 21, 22 ‘Is a candle brought to be put under a bushel, or under a bed? and not to be set on a candlestick? For there is nothing hid, which shall not be manifest, neither was anything kept secret, but that it should come abroad’.

John 18: 20 ‘…and in secret I have said nothing.’

.Add new comment.Kosher Kabbalah

Submitted by gardner101 on Tue, 01/19/2010 - 16:54.

I rely only on kosher, Orthodox Jewish sources.

The fact that other religions make use of prayer and worship and use concepts that is superficially similar to that of the Jew is of no consequence and does not make

Julian Assange - WikiLeaks

Julian Assange - WikiLeaks

There has been much talk about this man (and the organization he is a part of) causing or contributing to the downfall of the internet, meaning the actions of WikiLeaks will be the cause/reason why the [corporate] government(s) will take down the internet. People need to remember that the internet and the freedom of information that comes with it will only be taken down if people let it; if people stand up against such acts by the [corporate] government then the internet will remain as it was intended to be.

People have stated their belief that they think WikiLeaks (Julian Assange) works for the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency - United States). No one can disprove the accusation (at this time), NOR can anyone prove it. However, giving the benefit of doubt to this allegation (which could be a ploy to discredit him), even if he was CIA (in someway) the information (confirming what people already knew) has been instrumental in showing corruption (in government, mainstream media and the New World Order) without a doubt.

Nothing that has been released has put any person or land in harm, in fact, saying nothing or promoting lies causes harm to people and nations (as seen in history). There is no evidence of anyone being harmed, aside from the pride of those who have much to hide; if fact, history shows that revealing the truth saves lives. Lies have caused wars (WWII, Vietnam, Iraq and soon to be Iran), poverty and the overall destruction of 'peace and the pursuit of happiness'.

However, three questions need to be asked if there has been harm since the leaks: 1) The number of people harmed after the release took place as compared to the number harmed if not released? 2) Who has created the opportunity and/or placed the people in harms way (why is there a threat to begin with)? 3) How certain is it that the harm done was caused by the leaks?

IF WikiLeaks or anyone working for (directly or indirectly) or aiding (directly or indirectly) are criminals, then, would it not stand to reason that those who knowing (directly or indirectly) promoted lies (such as mainstream media) be deemed the same - as we know through historical records they have caused 'hell on earth'. This would be fair by applying the same standard.

If Julian Assange is a criminal in the eyes of the masses, then so be it - then apply the same standard to any mainstream media personality for lies leading to destruction. If Julian Assange is not a criminal in the eyes of the masses, then let him continue spreading the truth - and see how mainstream media deals with the competition. This is not to imply mainstream media (or the corporate global governments) should not be held accountable - this is a separate topic of discussion.

What is the internet? It is the world's largest library of information, without prejudice, censorship, control or bias. It is a source of truth; unfortunately, there are those who have corrupted it with disinformation and nonsense, thus people need to 'weed out' the crap when using the internet. It should be criminal to post disinformation and nonsense, as it is no different then someone doing the same to a traditional library - humankind's greatest achievement has been taken for granted, and people get what they deserve if they let it be destroyed... by those who fear it.

To allow a few (such as corporate government) to control the internet (such as shutting it down) will lead to the control of what people will be allowed to talk about (and think) with each other (in person). The internet is a form of communicating information or a thought, no different then people speaking face to face.

What if WikiLeaks had used another forum (other then the internet) to disclose the facts of events, such as telling others verbally? What if people were then told it was a crime to verbally share information... how would people react to that? Would it be the same way, as how mainstream media [the corporate public relations for the corporate government(s)] has influenced people's thought on this subject?

At what point will people stop being controlled and think that living, learning and happiness is privilege? When will people start standing up on their own two feet and not need someone to hold their hand? When are people going to start, and be accountable for themselves?

Here is a man and/or organization that needs no introduction, however if you have not heard of either - then you more then likely heard of the latest controversial video release, showing the United States forces killing up to 28 civilians in Iraq (including 2 news reporters and (at least) seriously injuring two children).

The FIRST VIDEO link is an interview with Julian Assange; the intro has a brief written bio. He mostly discusses the released video of the United States helicopter shooting and killing nonaggressive people. One of the ground troops that is in the video has gone public with his account of the event, supporting what the video shows - that being, the ki

theory of a dead man make up your mind

theory of a dead man make up your mind

Dead Man

Johnny Depp (CHOCOLAT) delivers a remarkable performance in this highly acclaimed tale of adventure and intrigue in the wild, wild west! A young man in search of a fresh start, William Blake (Depp) embarks on an exciting journey to a new town ... never realizing the danger that lies ahead. But when a heated love triangle ends in double murder, Blake finds himself a wanted man, running scared -- until a mysterious loner teaches him to face the dangers that follow a "dead man." With an outstanding supporting cast including Gabriel Byrne (THE USUAL SUSPECTS) and Robert Mitchum (CAPE FEAR), and a sizzling soundtrack, DEAD MAN is another motion picture triumph from filmmaker Jim Jarmusch.

This disappointment from Jim Jarmusch stars Johnny Depp in a mystery-Western about a 19th-century accountant named William Blake, who spends nearly all his money getting to a hellish mud town in the old West and ends up penniless and doomstruck in the wilderness. A benevolent if goofy Native American (Gary Farmer) takes an interest in guiding Blake on a quest for identity in his earthly journey, but the film is really just a string of endless shtick about inbred woodsmen, dumb lawmen, and a trio of irritable killers. With Robert Mitchum, Iggy Pop, Gabriel Byrne, Alfred Molina, and a noodling soundtrack by Neil Young. --Tom Keogh

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